# @reststate/vuex


This package is no longer maintained.

@reststate/vuex allows you to access data from a JSON:API (opens new window) web service via Vuex (opens new window) stores. Because of JSON:API's strong conventions, in most cases all you should need to do is tell @reststate/vuex the base URL of your web service, and which resources to access, and you should be set. No manual web request juggling!

This is a very early proof-of-concept, so many features of JSON:API are not yet supported. Open a GitHub issue with any other features you'd like to see!

# Synopsis

const store = new Vuex.Store({
  modules: {
    'widgets': resourceModule({
      name: 'widgets',
      httpClient: axios.create(...),

const component = {
  methods: {
      loadAllWidgets: 'widgets/loadAll',
  computed: {
      widgets: 'widgets/all',

# License

Apache 2.0